Does Emsculpt burn calories?


EMSCULPT is a cutting edge new body shaping treatment that raises as well as tones without using surgical treatment.

In fact, the procedure is totally non-invasive. By building muscle and also lowering unwanted fat at the same time, clients who select this treatment can enjoy a significantly much more specified abdomen.

A treatment like EMSCULPT can aid you contour your body the means you want with no downtime or pain.



EMsculpt is a non-surgical body contouring technique that eliminates fat and promotes muscle tone and strength in the treated region. This may be accomplished without the need for surgery.

In contrast to fat removal therapies such as liposuction and coolsculpting, which attack the fat directly, fat reduction treatments do not directly target the fat. The decrease in body fat that you experience as a consequence of using EMsculpt is really a side effect of the device’s effects on your muscles.

The EMsculpt therapy has the capability of contracting the muscles being worked on to a far greater degree than is achievable with traditional methods of muscle training. As a consequence, not only is there an improvement in muscle tone and an increase in muscle mass, but there is also a reduction in fat in the treated region as a result of an increase in fat metabolism.


Your therapy plan will begin with a consultation at DSM Healthy Skin, throughout which you will certainly reach discuss your aesthetic goals.

After identifying that EMSCULPT is the right strategy for you, we will certainly create a treatment plan that fulfills your needs.

The procedure is non-invasive and also requires no recuperation time or any kind of pre/post treatment prep work.

Treatments last half an hour, with minimum of 4 sessions arranged 2-3 days apart. The EMSCULPT procedure seems like an extensive workout, however you can set and kick back throughout the therapy.


Favorable results are normally reported a pair of weeks after the last session as well as proceed to improve for a number of weeks adhering to the therapies. * You will likely require to undergo more than one treatment session to obtain optimal results. * Following your series of treatments, you need to appreciate recognizable results after a couple weeks.

Does Emsculpt burn calories?

What precisely is this Emsculpt NEO?

Emsculpt NEO is a cutting-edge body sculpting procedure that helps develop muscle while simultaneously lowering the number of fat cells. High-Intensity Magnetic Energy (HIFEM) and Electromagnetic fields Energy are both elements of the treatments that combine these two widely used forms of energy (RF). Emsculpt NEO has indeed been evaluated by the FDA and has been demonstrated as both safe and effective.

How Does Emsculpt NEO Contribute to the Building of Muscle?

In order to elicit supramaximal contractions in the targeted location, Emsculpt NEO makes use of HIFEM. The muscles are worked harder by this form of contraction than by anything else that can be accomplished manually in the gym. Thus, Emsculpt NEO offers extraordinary effects in terms of the growth of muscle in just half an hour.

How Does Emsculpt NEO Get Its Fat-Burning Results?

Radiofrequency energy is permeating the epidermis and warming the fatty tissue cells at the same moment as the HIFEM is carrying out its job. The heat triggers cell death in a matter of minutes, which results in the dissolution of those fat cells. After then, over the course of the subsequent three months, the body will, of its own own, pick up these dead cells and expel them from the body. This is how Emsculpt NEO achieves its results of long-term fat reduction that seem completely natural.

Is Emsculpt NEO a Product That Works?

Indeed, Emsculpt NEO is operational. Emsculpt treatments have been shown to enhance muscle mass by an average of 25% while simultaneously reducing subcutaneous fat cells by an astounding 30%, according to scientific research.