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Mixed Incontinence Treatment

mixed incontinence

Mixed Incontinence Treatment From DSM

incontinence treatment

EMS UIT is a non-invasive treatment option for those suffering from mixed incontinence symptoms.

It utilizes High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIEMT (high frequency electromagnetic technology)) technology to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which are responsible for bladder control.

This technology stimulates the pelvic floor muscles with thousands of contractions in just 30 minutes, mimicking the effect of Kegel exercises but with much greater intensity.

This results in improved muscle tone and strength, leading to better bladder control and reduced symptoms of mixed incontinence.


Incontinence Treatment

Furthermore, EMS UIT can also help with stress and urge incontinence, as it strengthens both the fast and slow twitch muscle fibers in the pelvic floor.

This makes it an effective treatment for overall pelvic floor dysfunction.

Urinary incontinence, stress incontinence, overactive bladder, bladder incontinence,
bowel problems, overflow incontinence and mixed urinary incontinence are all improved from pelvic floor exercises.

Pelvic floor muscle training is a great alternative to surgical treatment – EMS UIT is one of the non surgical treatments available to help with bladder problems.


Incontinence Treatment

Our continence advisers will take into account your medical history to help with your bladder training. 

Specialist physiotherapists help to discuss urine leakage or involuntary leakage, a frequent urge to pass urine, and liquid stool can be affected by multiple sclerosis or not being a healthy weight.

Additionally, EMS UIT is a completely non-invasive procedure and requires no downtime or recovery period.

Patients simply sit on the specially designed chair fully clothed while the treatment is being performed.

This makes it a convenient and comfortable option for those who may feel uncomfortable with other forms of treatment.

mixed incontinence

If you are experience urinary incontinence you could experience embarrassing when coughing sneezing and have issues with the pelvic organs.

For many women their well being can be affected after giving birth and their intimate health and sexual satisfaction can suffer.

Your medical professional can offer treatment options to aid maintaining continence in the future.

Stress incontinence, urinary incontinence, weak bladder and vaginal laxity can be a common problem for men and women where certain medical conditions can cause symptoms.

Overall, by targeting the root cause of mixed incontinence – weakened pelvic floor muscles – EMS UIT offers a highly effective solution for improving bladder control and reducing symptoms.

Deep pelvic floor stimulation offers a intense pelvic floor workout withEMS UIT treatment.

Men and women’s health physiotherapy deems that EMS UIT chair is a suitable treatment for incontinence symptoms and is safe and effective treatment that is fda approved treatment proven by clinical studies to offer significant improvement even if you suffer with intimate discomfort.

The non invasive solution offers a treatment plan using electromagnetic energy procedure feels completely painless. You are going to be able to resume normal activities as there is no recovery time. A single session lasts just 30 minutes and we recommend six sessions as a minimum up to 12 sessions for more servere cases.

The treatment sessions vary depending on any mediation conditions, however it is a great option and EMS UIT works and you will see results over the next few weeks.

It can significantly improve quality of life for those suffering from this condition and allow them to regain their independence and confidence.