Post Injury Recovery

Post injury recovery can be long, tiring draining. DMS Healthy Skin have experience helping sports men and women and athletes back to health – call our team today.

EMSCulpt & Post Injury Recover

How Does It Work?

HIFEM ® (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) is a non-invasive therapy that produces extreme muscle contractions that are impossible to achieve automatically. Muscle mass cells is compelled to adapt to rough environments as a result of these contractions. The body ultimately reacts by undertaking considerable inner structural remodelling, causing natural muscular development! Applicators for the abdomen, arms, quadriceps, calf bones, and buttocks are readily available from Emscuplt. Treatments concentrating on the abdomen, back, and/or butts can aid the majority of people with neck and back pain. AM I ELIGIBLE FOR BODY SCULPTING, BODY CONTOURING, OR EMSCULPT REHABILITATION? Those who have actually had severe or chronic injuries, individuals with back, knee, or shoulder discomfort, individuals that might be considering surgical procedure to the knee, back spinal column, or shoulder however want to stay clear of surgery or enhance their muscle mass before surgical procedure, as well as those who have weakness after these surgical procedures are all candidates for the corrective attributes of EMSCULPT. We additionally deal with professional athletes that are trying to preserve ultra-high degrees of fitness yet have actually experienced an injury as well as must go back to play as soon as possible.

Enhance Your Core and also Restore Your Body

Are you incapable to perform the tasks you delight in due to intense or persistent discomfort? EMSCULPT non-invasive treatments will certainly assist you return to doing the important things you wish to do today and in the future! Quadriceps and calf bone treatments can help those that have knee, calf, or quadriceps disorders, as well as those who are taking into consideration (or have actually currently had) knee surgery. Treatments for the biceps and triceps muscles can aid to reinforce the arms, which can assist to stabilise the shoulders and eliminate some of the strain on the joints. Abdominal treatments can assist to enhance the core, improve stance, and alleviate pain that goes from the lower spine to the legs.

What is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure that can assist you rebuild muscle mass as well as boost your core. We can enhance muscular tissue mass around the spine and also other areas of the body utilizing this amazing modern technology to soothe pain as well as take the load off of joints that are feeling excessive force. This advanced therapy can help you return to doing the important things you take pleasure in!

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